Identified Adoptions

Identified Adoptions


“Children are not projects or burdens. They are gifts.”

—Cameron Cole.

Adoption Law Group assists prospective adoptive parents who are already matched with a child or expectant mother to complete an adoption. We are committed to ensuring that your adoption follows the very highest standards of ethics in domestic adoption while striving to keep adoption affordable.

If you have not yet matched with a child or expectant mom, we recommend checking out our affiliate, AdoptMatch, which is an online matching platform for connecting prospective adoptive parents with expectant moms considering adoption. Adoption Law Group represents prospective adoptive parents who are already matched with a child or expectant mother. Whether you are working with a family member or acquaintance who is making an adoption plan for their child, or a mom who chose you via the internet or some other means, ALG will work with you to structure an adoption plan. We have a large network of agencies and attorneys to partner with to ensure that all parties are treated with respect and receive the services they need throughout the adoption process. In an effort to ensure the integrity of your adoption, we insist that placing expectant and birth parents have access to their own separate legal counsel and meaningful counseling as part of the adoption process. ALG works with interstate placements as well, and can handle ICPC requirements for bringing a child across state lines. Because each situation is highly unique, we offer an initial free phone consultation to discuss the particulars of your case and the likely fees and costs involved.


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